Home and Consumer Studies in Sweden

A compulsory school subject in Sweden since 1962

A short introduction to the Swedish compulsory school system

Home and Consumer Studies (Hem- och konsumentkunskap) is a compulsory school subject for all girls and boys during their first nine years of schooling.
This is how our National Agency for Education (Skolverket) describes compulsory school:

Children are required to attend school from the autumn term in the year they reach the age of 7, and the main rule is that compulsory school attendance ceases at the end of the spring term in the 9th year.
In Sweden most children begin their first year at school in the autumn term when they reach the age of 7. It is also possible that children start when they reach the age of 6 and in special cases 8. Education should be equivalent irrespective of where pupils attend school.

Curriculum and syllabus for Home and Consumer Studies

Curriculum and syllabuses in english
The Swedish compulsory school is part of a goal steered system with a high degree of local responsibility. One of the core steering documents is the curriculum (Lgr11) that comprises both fundamental goals and guidelines for the whole school as well as syllabuses which set up the goals for teaching in each specific subject.
Home and Consumer Studies has knowledge requirements for year 6 and year 9, which in practice means that most education is taught during years 6, 7, 8 and 9. A national time plan stipulates the minimum number of hours each student should have in each subject after nine years. The total number of guaranteed hours for all subjects are 6.785, of which Home and Consumer Studies is assigned 118.

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